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Forward driven & brand addicted brand strategist who loves to dive deep into visual communication.

In 2018, at the age of 25, I co-founded IKOU GmbH, where we offer highly specialized services (e.g. presentation design, LinkedIn marketing) with the help of various own brands. I believe in transparent, future-oriented and employee-friendly leadership and like to empowering people instead of giving orders. I’ve worked for a number of great brands within my career like AMD, Red Bull, Volkswagen, Carl Zeiss, Zalando, Tombow, Campari Group, Tommy Hilfiger and many, many more. Our agencies are a large leisure center where people have fun every day and turn their creativity into unique experiences. I am incredibly proud of our corporate culture in which fairness, inclusion and consideration are extremely important.

Since I took on the role of strategist and managing director, I have been living out my creativity as a self-taught game designer and musician.

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